Despite the fact that some young people nowadays find their lifelong partners without the help of classic matchmakers, arranging a marriage remains important in several Asian cultures Depending on the region and the dating decorum in process, there are usually numerous steps that must be taken before a pair can be considered actually engaged.

In China, for example, it is common to send three letters before asking a girl’s parents for her turn in marriage: the betrothal letter ( pin shu), the gift letter ( na cai ) and the wedding ceremony letter. These are vital to the training of Chinese dating traditions and offer as conventional markings of commitment.

In ancient days, the relationship between a gentleman and a girl was typically arranged by the community of each bash. The seniors had take a number of factors into consideration including the sociable sitting, status and wealth of each home. It was also a good opportunity to bind two families together.

When a girl was found to be suitable for wedding, her home would assemble a meeting with the boy’s family and then negotiate a ritual agreement. The woman herself was infrequently involved in the process as it was more of a firm offer than a love affair. Also, the marriage was seen more as a way to link the two people together than it was about uniting lovers. That is why it is rather ordinary for a bride to cry before leaving her mum’s property and to present her reticence to be part of the vicar’s home

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