Numerous people are drawn to Latin ceremony customs, which range from food, music, and décor to cherished customs dating back to the past. However, how do you integrate these cherished components into your special morning? We asked the best Italian Dj and sponsor, Dj Persist, to share 4 of the most well-known wedding customs that are frequently observed at Latino weddings.

The brides are pinning money(using protection pins) on them while they dance in this custom. The pair frequently receives the money to help them with their future collectively. It’s a fun and interactive means for visitors to express their affection and support. Popular romantic songs like instrumental ballads, merengue, cumbia, and nortenas are frequently subjected to this.

A padrino and a madrina were customarily present in Latinx couples but did n’t have best men or maid of honors. These individuals are regarded as “godparents” and execute a significant role in the couple’s lives, according to Baca. They typically support the reims and el molecules, which are presented during the meeting. Additionally, they are responsible for making sure the bride and groom arrive carefully at their hotel.

Another entertaining wedding custom can be found in Venezuela, where the bride and groom sneak away from their own greeting late into the night. It’s said to be nice luck if they can return to each other without people knowing. Whoever discovers them first is said to have fine fortune in the future as also. What a wonderful way to begin a marriage!

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